Sporting Activities

There’s no question that for children with physical disabilities, sports participation can be a challenge. Kids may have limited mobility and/or tire more easily than their non-disabled peers. At DEWA we understand that they may need special equipment or other assistance (such as specially trained coaches, teachers, or guides) to participate in exercise and sports. And we provide all these facilities to our students given the right help, children with physical disabilities can participate in almost any sport or exercise including basketball, table tennis, badminton, karate, swimming, and so much more.



Just about any sport or activity can be altered to give special needs children the cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength-training benefits that allow kids to stay healthy and fit. Children in a wheelchair, for instance, can play basketball or tennis. Children without the use of limbs or those with mental disabilities can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of other sports like tennis, archery etc. Swimming is very safe and really beneficial to such students. There is less chance of an injury due to lack of impact and keeps the heart rate elevated. 



We have excellent sporting facilities, including large swimming pools and trainers to suit the needs of special children. 



Sports and activities especially good for special needs children and offered by DEWA are:

  • Swimming 
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Karate/ Taekwondo
  • Racing and Walking
  • Futsal
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Archery
Sporting activities