Our Values

Our Vision

To propagate the idea that “Disability is not Inability”


In a country like Pakistan with deep rooted prejudice and discrimination against the disabled coupled with lack of proper facilities, it often becomes impossible for such individuals to lead a life of dignity. Thus, our vision is to change the people’s perception about the hearing impaired, physically and mentally challenged Children, by presenting them confident, well groomed educated and capable individuals.

Our vision
Physical disablilties

Our Mission

To strive hard and ensure a life of dignity, and inclusion for the hearing impaired, physically challenged, mentally retarded children, by enabling them to realize their full potential, overcome their lacking and lead a normal, respectable life in the mainstream of society.


To achieve the highest ideals in service, work ethics, management, interpersonal relations, and policy making. Reaching high professional standards in all aspects of our work, remembering our purpose is to help people who are disadvantaged.

Our Endeavour

Our endeavor is to constantly upgrade our teaching methodologies as per the advancements in the field of special education. Therefore, we have a special teacher’s training programme which keeps our educators abreast with all the latest teaching approaches and advancements.


As special as our kids are, so are their inspirational stories. We want to continue spreading this infectious and indomitable spirit of our kids and inspire others to join either to be a beneficiary or helper in our mission.

Admission policy
Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

In 1982 DEWA Institute moved to its own complex, covering an area of 20,000 square yards, in Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi, which comprises of 97 classrooms, computer labs, Art and craft units, Mosque, auditorium, audio- speech clinic, rehab centre, sports coaching academy, swimming pool and lush-green lawns.


  • A campus at Islamabad which also has hostel facilities.
  • An additional block for the physically challenged, added at the Karachi Campus.
  • 15 vehicles for transporting students
  • New Campus for the mentally challenged at DEWA campus.
  • Construction of Barrier free campus in Islamabad will start in 2021.