Our Endeavour

The motive of imparting education to an individual is to help them become free from any kind of DEPENDENCE. Education enables us to carry ourselves confidently in the world and in a school where the attendees are kids with special NEEDS, it is very important to follow the right APPROACH.


Our ENDEAVOUR is to constantly upgrade our teaching METHODOLOGIES as per the advancements in this field. Therefore, we have a special teachers training programme which keeps our educators ABREAST with all the latest teaching approaches and advancements in this ARENA.


As special as our kids are, so are their INSPIRATIONAL stories. We want to continue spreading this infectious and indomitable spirit of our kids and inspire others to join either to be a beneficiary or helper in our MISSION.


Spreading our WINGS further, we have also started a new campus for the physically and mentally challenged children. We want to provide rehabilitation and personal development services and support to our students and trainees and provide them with what they need in every area of their LIVES, maximizing their INTEGRATION in the main stream.


Create the possibility for an optimum quality of life for our students and trainees and their families.


Facilitate EMPOWERMENT of people with disability, their families, care givers and communities.