Occupational Therapy

Dewa incorporates transition education in each Individual Education Program (lEP) to help students identify career and life goals – and work to achieve them.


For children with special needs, we at Dewa believe occupational therapists (OT) and physical therapists (PT) can play an important role in helping children develop motor and life skills. Although a coordinated program with both professionals may benefit a child most, we will explore how an OT can help a child gain new skills, or regain old skills, that are needed to perform activities of daily life.


An Occupational Therapist is often the first professional to work with a child that is delayed in a typical milestone, or who behaves in an unusual or unruly way.


An OT will assess the child and his or her environment and make modifications to help the child complete specific tasks. The goal is to help improve the child’s participation and performance in daily activities, and to promote overall independence.


An OT can help address a wide range of difficulties experienced by a child with disabilities.