Educational & Recreational Field Trips

Field trips are rich with life lessons, they provide valuable insight into the community, and they give children a small taste of structured independence. These experiences are valuable for students and may be even more valuable for special needs students. Taking students on a field trip is an excellent opportunity to practice social skills outside of the student’s everyday environment. Picnics and excursions allow the disabled children to enjoy nature and benefit from it by being in an open and green environment.


Educational trips go a long way in giving the students a first-hand experience of the things they learn in the books. These trips are carefully planned keeping into view the special needs of the students. Care is to make them as comfortable and interesting as possible, by the compassionate faculty at DEWA.


Recreational Activities:


Everyone needs regular recreation that develops skills, promotes good health, relieves stress, facilitates social interactions, and provides a general joy for living.


For recreation, we at DEWA choose activities at which our children can be successful. Good readers read. Athletes seek sports activities. Writers do write. Visual artists paint or draw. Craftspeople create. Social individuals engage in group activities. Observers appreciate the efforts of others – whether a basketball game, painting, fine meal, or a field trip.