DEWA School for Hearing Impaired

DEWA has a very flexible admission policy, keeping into view the special children we cater to. We admit children with an aim to educate and train them in such a way that they can live with their heads held high in society. This school imparts education to children with hearing disabilities. Affiliated to the SSC board Karachi and classes are from Nursery to Matric. 



The children with hearing impairment are educated here using different therapies to help them overcome their shortcomings and to do the best they can. The type and level of impairment are diagnosed first and then the teaching methodology is devised. We have a highly qualified, trained, and compassionate faculty. 



Apart from studies we also ensure that based on their abilities, children participate in extracurricular and sporting activities. We offer a wide range of such activities. Our approach is the holistic development of the child’s personality. Admissions are open throughout the year because of special children.



For further queries please contact or call us at +9221 34965501

Dewa school for hearing impariment

DEWA Higher Secondary School for Hearing Impairment

After successful completion of Matriculation examinations, DEWA offers college education both for internal and external students as most of the hearing impaired schools offer education up to Matric only. This Institution is affiliated with the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi and caters to the students of classes XI and XII. 



We are excited to be continuing children’s educational journeys as they enter college. This enables us to build seamlessly upon prior learning with an emphasis on high-quality provision and outcomes. We aim to capitalize upon the successes and achievements made throughout children’s primary education.



Our key role is to ensure that our students make good progress and that they are supported extremely well and effectively develop their life skills, and are well prepared for life after intermediate. We offer various other extracurricular activities and sports. We work closely with our local community. We want to provide an excellent launchpad for our students, to pursue their educational careers and also excel in any skill, of their choice.



For further queries please contact or call us at +9221 34965501

DEWA College of Special Education

DEWA is a pioneer in awarding Bachelor’s Degree (XIII and XIV) for the Hearing Impaired in Karachi since 2001 and from 2013 in Islamabad Campus.  A Bachelor of Arts Degree is awarded if it is affiliated to the Karachi University. After the students become graduates they have the minimum qualification required in today’s times to find a good job.  


Here also they can opt for a wide range of extracurricular activities, and sports depending upon their abilities, a very compassionate and capable faculty is available to guide the children in making right career decisions. Often they get selected for jobs in our partner donors like “KFC Pakistan” “Bank Islami” “Bank Al Baraka” and so many others in campus recruitment.



For further queries please contact or call us at +9221 34965501