DEWA CIT & Vocational Institute

For special children to be able to lead a respectable life in society they must be financially independent. If for some reason they cannot acquire or complete their education, they must be well-versed in some skill or vocation so that they can earn a decent livelihood. 



Depending upon their aptitude this institute offers a range of vocational training courses/ language classes / courses in fine arts etc.



Our trainers identify the unique hidden ability of each child with their expertise and hone their skills so that they can excel in their respective fields.



DEWA also offer various Technical and Vocational courses of Federal Initiatives under Prime Minister Youth Development Program from NAVTTC, vocational courses from Skill Development Council (SDC) and Sindh Provincial Government courses from Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training (STEVTA), Time-tested and enterprising Language courses from Pak American Cultural Center (PACC).     



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Dewa CIT and vocational institute

Teachers Training Program

At DEWA, we believe education has no limits, and it continually needs improvement throughout our life. The scope of development in the field of special education and rehabilitation undergoes continual upgrades. Researchers and scholars are bringing new and improved standards and things that demand constant up-gradations. It is our Teachers Training Program that meets these demands and, thereby, organizes regular workshops to sharpen as well as update their skills and teaching techniques. This step guides them in adopting the most current and relevant teaching standards and drives them to achieve their goals at DEWA. We are conducting training sessions for the teachers of special education from various cities in Pakistan, majorly from rural Sindh.



For further queries please contact or call us at +9221 34989612