Cliff Public School of Inclusive Education

Although DEWA started as a school for special children offering special education courses, the vision of our founding fathers was to integrate the Education system of normal and special children so that the disabled rather than being segregated become a part of the mainstream, that is included as an equal part of the society by acquiring education in normal schools.



Cliff school of inclusive education is the culmination of our untiring 50 year effort. It is the fulfillment of the aim of final integration of the special children into the mainstream of the society.



Children can participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities and sports and games, of their choice. Our emphasis is on the overall personality development of the child. When the special children indulge in and also compete against the normal children in the same sports and games, it gives a big boost to their confidence.



All types of children are admitted here.



For further queries please contact or call us at +9221 34802214

Cliff public school