Arts and Crafts

For people with disabilities, arts and crafts can be a great opportunity to socialize with others, meeting new people and expressing their ideas. Arts and crafts are a skill for making objects or decorations by hand and can be anything from painting, knitting to origami.



Painting: painting can be a great way to express yourself and produce an aesthetically pleasing piece of work, which can help to build confidence and relax the mind.



Origami: A tradition in Japanese culture of paper folding to produce an amazing shape. This hobby will help improve hand-eye coordination as well as concentration and patience to bring a calming positive attitude to your everyday life.



Knitting: creating multiple loops of yarn to make any type of garment. This activity has shown to be as effective as meditating, reducing stress and even preventing arthritis.


Pottery: moving clay on a turntable to create your own masterpiece. Pottery can be a gentle way to strengthen your arms, and wrists and is a great way to explore your creativity.

Arts and crafts