About Us

about us

DEWA made a humble beginning in 1965, with a small Academy for the hearing impaired in Karachi, which due to our firm faith and deep rooted conviction turned into DEWA School for the Hearing Impaired. And due to our sincere and untiring efforts has developed into a Junior and Degree College, getting affiliations from the SSC, Higher Secondary Boards and Karachi University in 1999.


And we are on the verge of becoming a State of-the-art University for INCLUSIVE Education, as our case is under the kind consideration of the Sindh Assembly.

DEWA Institute in Islamabad was set up in 2013 and has become the first Institute in the Federal Capital Islamabad to award a Degree in Inclusive Education.


We are charitable institute, and we give education on a free ship or minimal fees to our students once they are approved by DEWA’s Sharia Board for Zakat or Donation fund. We believe that the only way the children with special needs can be transformed into self-reliant individuals is by being nurtured in an environment of utmost love and care, as they are innocent and lovely souls themselves.

About us